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Why i don’t watch the news

I think watching the news is stupid because in my little backwards hillbilly town they cover the dumbest shit. A cheerleader fell out of a second story window because she went to a party and got wasted. Two kids were throwing puppies off a bridge into the water below for fun. Really, when wasn’t there a huge accident that happened that you forgot to cover?

In addition, in nationwide news Shandranique lost everything, her husband, kids and job due to her addiction. Why?She was addicted to playing Candy Crush on facebook. Shandranique is now suing the makers of the game because it is too damn addictive. She reports that she was waking up having night sweats because she would have dreams about beating levels. She would forget to feed her family because she just felt compelled to beat one more level.She is suing for 50 million dollars for damages and extreme emotional distress. I don’t find that any different then them covering stupid stories about celebrities getting pulled over for speeding and saying that they didn’t want to be late for church

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] (by WarnerBrosPictures)

If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate - Disney Musical Parody (by Cracked)

i think this is awfully hysterical but i’m evil


my ps3 and my pink friend that vibrates

The only kids I really like are my own because they know I’m the Alpha female and I don’t play that Sh#t. Just in case ¬†you can’t pick them out they’re the Korean/black children aka the ones with a tan

so delicious i have such a wonderful fantasy life I could make beautiful babies with all of these specimens.